How Can I Get The Most Money For My Car?

Posted on 17th, Dec 18

Is it finally time to get rid of your car? If that’s the case, like many car sellers you probably have one or more key priorities including: a fast sale, a hassle-free process and a good price. For many, the third is understandably their biggest goal but trying to get the best price for your car can be a little daunting when there are so many options out there. Luckily you can tick all three off your list when you sell your car to Fox Car Removals!

The following are some tips in getting the most money for your car when selling to a cash for cars company.

Sell Your Car Sooner Rather Than Later
This is a good rule to follow, particularly if your car is undrivable or written off. The longer your car lies dormant the more it will deteriorate. This can cause the car to lose value as well as become harmful to the surrounding environment due to rust, fuel and chemical leaks and more. Luckily for you, you can have your car bought and removed today and the whole process takes an hour or less.

Check The Interiors & Remove Your Belongings
You never know what might be lying around in your car! From jewellery to cash, your car might store some valuables you lost months or years ago. Remember to check under the seats!

Make Sure There Are No Hidden Fees
When selling your car to a cash for cars company, there should be no fees at all. An illegitimate business might advertise a great price but with unexpected fees (such as towing fees), this can be misleading. All of Fox Car Removals services are complimentary on top of offering the best cash payments in Sydney.

Make Sure The Business Is Legitimate
A unlicensed or illegitimate business may try to scam you or under pay you but luckily it isn’t hard to find out if they are the real deal. A business should be willing to be as transparent as possible and provide their licenses and certifications when requested. A good business will also have positive customer reviews which are simply a google search away. One red flag is if the business does not have a physical address listed!

Make The Most of Your Leftover Fuel
Petrol can be costly these days so if your car is still roadworthy it is recommended to drive it as much as you can until near empty. If there is a decent amount of petrol left in your car that is undrivable, you can syphon it out if you have the tools (this is not recommended if you don’t have the tools or the necessary skills).

So, there you have it: 5 tips on getting the most money possible when selling your car to a cash for cars company!