Best Cash for Cars Removals in Coogee

Want to earn extra money for your junk cars? Call Fox Car Removals today to get your vehicles removed for top cash. We can pay up to $7,999 for unwanted cars, and all you have to do is give us a call.

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Get Top Cash for Your Cars in Coogee

Fox Car Removals buys all types of vehicles, from cars and motorcycles to vans, trucks, and 4WDs. Whether they are used, partially damaged, unregistered, or outdated, we can take them all!

We’re also not picky with the makes and models of your vehicle. So, it doesn’t matter if you have a Toyota, Holden, Audi, Suzuki, BMW, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Subaru, Hyundai, Jeep, Mazda, Fiat, or Volkswagen. We buy them all — no matter what condition they may be.

Because of this, we have become one of Coogee’s most trusted and reliable car removal companies. 

If you’re interested, get started on your car removal process today!

Fast and Easy Car Removal Process

Our fast and easy process makes us the number one car removal choice in Coogee. When you call us to get a quote, we can conduct same-day removal. You don’t need to wait days, weeks, or even months to get your hands off of your unwanted car. Through our comprehensive services, you can get paid in cash in as fast as one hour or less. So, no waiting, no doubting, and definitely, no stressing.

The best part is: the car removal is absolutely FREE! Our team of experts will go to your address and tow your car away without any extra charge.

At the end of the day, you not only get the unwanted car off of your hands, but you also get top dollar for your sale. 

Why Us?

Fox Car Removals is a company composed of passionate car removal experts with exceptional knowledge and experience in the field. As a result, we can assess the value of your car and give you a fair and accurate quote immediately.

Honesty and transparency are fundamental to us, so we always suggest a price that aligns with the value of your car. Nothing less. 

If you want to engage with our services, call us at 0434 554 108 or fill up our online form and get started on your car removal process today!


Do I need to set an appointment when I want to sell my car?

We want to give you an effortless, easy, and convenient car removal process. That said, setting up an appointment is unnecessary if you want to sell your car. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us at 0434 554 108 or send us an inquiry through our website to start the process.

Usually, we ask for the make and model of the car, the manufacturing year, the condition of the vehicle, and the driveability to assess the quality of your product. But, if this is information that you cannot provide, we can schedule an inspection at a convenient time and place to complete the transaction. 

How long does the appraisal usually take?

We understand how valuable your time is, so we make our evaluation process as quick as possible. In most cases, we take around 15 to 30 minutes to complete the evaluation. During this time, our trained specialists will inspect the inside and outside of your car.

They will note the blemishes like scratches and significant defects that can impact the overall value. After completing the evaluation, the vehicle will be taken on a test drive to assess the brakes, tires, and other mechanical parts. From there, they will analyze the current market situation and present you with an offer.

Do I need to drive my car to your shop to complete the sale?

You don’t need to drive your car to the shop. Instead, we can schedule a pick-up of your vehicle at your home or office. Depending on your availability, we can pick up your vehicle on the same day. If not, we can set a more agreeable date and time for the towing process. Once we’ve obtained your car, we immediately pay you with cash.

What happens to the car after I sell it?

By selling your unwanted cars to us, we give them a second life. Often, we recycle the different parts in an eco-friendly way. 

First, we dismantle the components and evaluate which aspects can be recycled. Then we segregate them into appropriate categories to proceed with recycling. Those in good condition can be sold as parts, while those in bad shape can be transformed into new items completely.

For instance, we can scrap the metal to turn them into recycled aluminium to be used as metal cans, containers, and hardware supplies. By doing this, we can lessen our carbon footprint and protect mother earth.