Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I sell my car to Fox Car Removal?

Whether you are driving an SUV, Sedan, Van, or Ute, Fox Car Removals relieves you of the burden of your wrecked vehicle by

  • Providing fast and efficient same-day service in a matter of a few hours
  • Offering round-the-clock towing 
  • Managing your concerns with the help of our fully insured and licensed operators
  • Issuing the best and most honest top-dollar value for your damaged car 
  • Contributing to a healthier environment through our eco-friendly services 

Why should I sell my old car?

Our professional car wreckers will see that all usable parts of your car are salvaged. In this way, you help other car owners save money by buying your scrap parts that are still in good working condition instead of opting to spend more on brand-new parts. Car doors, fenders, and engine parts are just parts of your car that other drivers can benefit from.

Is your company eco-friendly?

We practice eco-friendly car removal methods, you help prevent environmental pollution by choosing our services. Our expert team makes sure any harmful elements such as oils, fluids, or even tires of your car are disposed of in environmentally-safe ways.

How our process works?

Just follow these three easy steps to get you underway.

  1. Call our hotline at 0434 554 108 to receive a quote
  2. Supply all information requested by our customer representative, and we offer you the best quote available in the market.
  3. If you agree to our quote, our licensed car removal team will pick up your car and give you cold cash on the spot.

Why should I sell my accidental car to you?

Even if you have managed to get your car repaired after an accident, certain issues can continue to arise, causing you constant problems such as:

  • Your car is giving you costly maintenance issues 
  • More broken parts you need to repair are not readily available
  • Your car is just plain old and is no longer working correctly; therefore it is time to update to a new one

If you are faced with any of these issues, give us a call today, and we will relieve you of your car woes.

What kind of accidental car do you buy?

Whether your car has met a roadside accident or accidents due to unforeseen weather conditions such as floods, we can still buy your damaged car. If your car is pretty useless to you, we still find value in your wrecked vehicle and assure to give you a good price for what it is worth.

Will you still buy my car if I do not have its title of ownership?

If you have lost your car title, rest assured that Fox Car Removals can still help. Just be sure to mention that you no longer have your ownership documents when acquiring a quote from us. In such cases, we welcome supporting papers such as a scrap certificate for your junk car, your car’s rego, or your signed removal authorization.

Can I sell a friend or family’s wrecked car on their behalf?

Yes. You simply need to supply a signed letter of authority from the car’s registered owner and other ownership papers.