Cash For Scrap Cars Sydney

Fox Car Removals Is The Fastest Way To Get Cash For Your Scrap Car

It doesn’t matter if your car is in scrap condition – it will only take an hour for you to bid it farewell and get paid top cash for it. Fox Car Removals is Sydney’s fast solution to selling your car no matter what condition it is in. We pay top cash for scrap cars, old cars or even simply unwanted cars because we know that even the most wrecked car has value in it.

Cash For Scrap Cars

Apart from cars, we also buy and remove trucks, vans, utes, SUVs and 4x4s in all conditions and brands. So, whether you’re looking to sell your old Toyota or simply want to get rid of your scrap condition Ford, we’re the ones you should call.

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Get Instant Cash for Your Scrap, Old, Used or Damaged Cars With Us

If you’re looking for a way to remove or sell your scrap car but are finding it hard to get a fair price or fast service, give Fox Car Removals a call today. We make your time our priority. Our tow trucks are fast and our cash offers are high when you sell your scrap car to us.
We pay cash for:

  • Scrap Cars
  • Wrecked Cars
  • Junk Cars
  • Old Cars
  • Accident Damaged Cars
  • Flood Damaged Cars
  • Fire Damaged Cars
  • Hail Damaged Cars
  • Engine Damaged Cars
  • Unwanted Cars
  • Unregistered Cars

With Fox Car Removals, you can expect exceptional cash offers of up to $7,999 for your car. We provide accurate quotes over the phone. So, just give us a call to find out how much cash you can get for your car with us.

Sunrise or Sunset – We’re Always Available

Your scrap car can be bought and removed this very day. Whether right now or next week, we’ll come to you at your convenience. We understand that most of our clients are busy and work 9 to 5 and may have trouble fitting in time to have their scrap car removed. That is why we offer free Car Removals both in the AM and PM to suit your busy schedule.

What Do You Need To Know About Cash For Scrap Cars?

We have listed below the top most important things you need to know in selling an old unwanted car:

  • We offer the highest cash for cars compared to dealers and other companies.
  • We can process the transaction within an hour to one day, depending on the seller’s requirements.
  • You can have your car or multiple cars removed within a day Sydney-wide.
  • We only ask for basic requirements like proof of identity and car ownership.
  • We will ask for basic details like your car’s odometer reading, make and model, size and weight, roadworthiness, and other metal parts.
  • Providing the details above will help us give you an offer instantly or within a few minutes.
  • Our in-house car specialists are good and exercise fairness in what they do.
  • You can schedule your preferred time and date when your vehicle will be collected.
  • After that, we can give a cash offer of up to $7,999


How much do I pay for the car removal service if I decide to sell?

>The car removal service is FREE; if you decide to accept the cash offer, you will instantly get cash payment for your old vehicle.

How do you know if the car removal service is legitimate and secure?

There are various ways to check;

  • Check online reviews online
  • Look at the registration and license of the company online
  • Ask someone that had a transaction with the car removal service

How do you process unwanted old cars?

There are many ways to deal with old cars. Some car removals use landfills which is not sustainable and good for the environment.

For Fox Car Removals, we follow the green approach wherein we try to reuse and re-sell whatever parts are still working, repurpose the metals in the car, or refurbish pieces as it helps the old car parts look for their second home.

What are the cars that make you accept?

We accept any make, model, or brand. We also buy sedans, 4X4, camper vans, utes, trucks, and all other vehicles you can think of. If you have an old car, no matter the condition, call us, and we will buy it for a fair price. 

We also have an online instant quotation form on our website. You can quickly get the cash offer by providing basic details about you and your car. This process helps you choose the best offer and find out that Fox Car Removals offer the highest possible cash payment in Sydney.

We Provide Accurate Cash for Scrap Cars Quotes

Fox Car Removals can you give you top cash in hand in an hour or less. We consider many aspects of your car when valuating it so that you can get the best price you deserve. With our level of experience, we are able to provide quick quotes over the phone. So, you don’t have to bring the car to us or book an appraisal setting to have your car valuated by us. Simply give us a call and our appraisers will provide you with a quick quote over the phone.

Some details we consider when valuating cars are:

  • The Car’s Condition (is it working or not, what issues does it have)
  • The Car’s Make
  • The Car’s Model
  • The Car’s Size
  • The Car’s Weight
  • The Odometer Reading

For a lightning fast car sale that pays instant cash for cars, look no further than Fox Car Removals. With many years of experience, we understand the importance of a high standard service and honest cash offers. Call us today for an instant quote at 0434 554 108.