Cash For Junk Cars Sydney

One Phone Call & One Hour – That’s All It Takes To Have Your Junk Car Removed & Get Paid In Top Cash

Whether your junk car has been lying around dormant for days, months or years – it takes only an hour to have it removed and be paid in top dollar. Fox Car Removals specialises in Junk Car Removals Sydney – it doesn’t matter what condition your car is in, our friendly experts will be right with you to take it off your hands. We pay up to $7,999 cash for cars!

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Cash for Junk Cars

Fox Car Removal – We Make Sure That You Get The Best Price For Your Junk Car

Fox Car Removals is passionate about car sellers getting the price that they deserve for their vehicles. And that is why we worked hard over the years, using our expertise and experience to provide Sydney car sellers with quick car sales that pay top dollar. We pay cash for cars in any condition because we understand that there are many parts of your junk car that holds a lot of value. Sell your car for cash today, irrespective of its make, model or condition.

  • We Pay Cash For Junk Cars
  • We Pay Cash For Wrecked Cars
  • We Pay Cash For Old Cars
  • We Pay Cash For Unwanted Cars
  • We Pay Cash For Accident Damaged Cars
  • We Pay Cash For Flood Damaged Cars
  • We Pay Cash For Fire Damaged Cars
  • We Pay Cash For Mechanical Failure Cars
  • We pay cash For Scrap Cars

Call Us For A Stress-Free Car Removal – We’ll Take Care Of The Rest

Fox Car Removals is all about hassle-free car removals that don’t require you to take a lot of time off your day. The whole process of removing, inspecting and buying your car from you can be completed in just an hour with our team of auto experts. In 3 simple steps, you’re good to go:

    1. Call us for an instant quote.
    2. Accept our cash offer and schedule your free car removal Sydney.
    3. Get paid in top dollar and have your car removed in minutes.

My Junk Car Is Undrivable – Will You Still Buy It?

Yes! Fox Unwanted Car Removals sees value in all aspects of a car even if it is written off or undrivable. Some of the things we consider when valuating a car include:

      • The Car’s Condition
      • The Car’s Make and Model
      • The Car’s Size
      • The Car’s Weight
      • The Car’s Age
      • The Odometer Reading
      • The Precious Metals
      • The Spare Parts
      • The Interior Parts

Our Experts Are The Best In Sydney – And We’re Just A Call Away

Fox Car Removals is made of a team of Car Removal Experts who live by the promise to give car sellers a fair and reliable car removal service that pays car sellers the best price for their car. You can rest assured that when you sell your car to us you are in the best hands.

Call Fox Car Removal today at 0434 554 108.

Instant Over-the-phone Car Valuations

Instant over-the-phone car valuations have become increasingly popular for junk car removal. Junk car removal is essential for those who need to quickly get rid of their junk car and receive a fair price.

Fox Car Removals offer an instant quote on the value of your vehicle without having to wait or go through the hassle of visiting a dealership in person. In addition, we help save time and energy by taking care of junk car removal quickly and easily.

With our instant over-the-phone car valuations, you get the best possible price with minimal effort. Additionally, we take care of the junk removal from start to finish at no extra charge.

Same-day Junk Auto Removal

Don’t wait days or weeks to get rid of your old car. Fox Cars Removal offers same-day car removals and payments, so you get your money instantly. We provide a quick and efficient way to remove your junk car from your property without waiting for weeks or months.

Whether you have a damaged vehicle due to an accident, natural disaster, or general wear and tear, Fox Car Removals will ensure your damaged vehicle is taken away in no time.

With our service, you are guaranteed not to worry about the hassle of dealing with the paperwork or waiting for the tow truck to arrive. Instead, call us, and we’ll take care of everything for you.



Where will my unwanted vehicle end up?

Fox Car Removals has partnered with an accredited auto recycling facility for over a decade. All materials from your vehicle, including the metal, glass, mechanical components, and fluids, are removed and recycled respectively. Our recycling process is guaranteed to meet environmental and safety standards. Junk parts are taken to the wrecking yard, where they are cared for.

I need help finding my ownership papers. Can I still sell my junk vehicle?

You don’t have to worry about the ownership papers if you are selling your junk car. But Fox Car Removals will let you sign a removal authorization form which will serve as a binding agreement between the company and you so we can safely remove the vehicle. Then, all you need is a government-issued ID or driver’s license.

What times can I have my junk yard picked up and removed?

Fox Car Removals work at your convenience. We schedule an appropriate time and day so we won’t have to mess with your schedules. At Fox Car Removals, we do not just work to get rid of an old and unwanted vehicle but make sure that the removal process always meets the environmental safety code and your satisfaction.

Can you remove a junk vehicle that’s flipped over its roof?

We have the necessary equipment to deal with all sorts of vehicles – flipped over its roof or not. Our experienced team can load the car safely into the flatbed without affecting or damaging the surrounding area or your property.