Fully Certified Tow Truck Drivers

At Fox Car Removals, your and your car’s safety is paramount to us. Our company’s core relies significantly on our seasoned workforce. Therefore, Fox Car Removals ensures that our tow truck drivers meet government standards. In addition, we pride ourselves in upholding expertise in what we do.

How do you ensure your trucks are roadworthy?

Regular checkups guarantee that our Truck Wreckers Sydney  are in good working condition. Inspection includes checking the engine, wipers, seatbelts, horn, brakes, engine fluids, tires, accessories, lights such as headlights, warning lights, indicators, and brake lights, as well as other onboard equipment. By doing so, we increase our clients’ confidence in our company.

Fox Car Removals priorities customer satisfaction, and that is why when you choose to work with us, you are assured of

  • Reliable and secure service
  • With a team of licensed drivers and years of experience in the industry Fox Car Removals guarantees to meet your requirements.

We make sure all necessary care is taken. Our towing vehicles are fully equipped and can transport your car without causing damage. Furthermore, we assure you that our services are fully insured, leaving you nothing to worry about.

Reputable and trustworthy company

Being in the industry for many years, we have built a good reputation that many clients can attest to. We have received referrals from many happy and satisfied customers we served across Sydney.

Our proficient and friendly customer service representatives are always ready to respond to your needs and queries.

Honest prices with no hidden charge

Since we know the value of vehicles and their parts, every price we offer guarantees the best cash return for your car. We give straightforward rates and will never charge drop or spotter fees.

Convenient service

We understand how important your time is, so our goal is to provide you with quick and hassle-free services. There is no need to fill up multiple forms and take several trips to our office. You simply need to call us, and we will go to you or schedule the pick up of your vehicle at your most convenient time. Furthermore, we take care of your car documents, significantly cutting down on tedious paperwork on your part.

Eco-friendly system

Junk cars can pose potential environmental hazards when not disposed of the right way. As licensed by the government, Fox Car Removals is responsible for implementing state and local regulations to save our surroundings through specific industry methods of transportation, storage, and disposal of any waste from scrap cars. We have a dedicated team of specialists who take care of just that.

By preserving these values, Fox Car Removals fosters customer trust in the quality and efficiency of what we do.


1. Are your tow truck drivers certified?

Yes. Our drivers hold a Tow Truck Driver Certificate issued by NSW Fair Trading. This helps you and the public recognise us and know that we are authorised to tow your car.

Hand in hand with our certified drivers, Fox Car Removals possesses an Operator Certificate signifying our legitimacy to handle your towing needs which shady businesses lack.

2. What is a tow truck driver’s responsibility?

You can rest assured that all our drivers adhere to law and custom and will therefore carry out the following responsibilities:

  • Carry an unrestricted NSW driver’s license
  • Always displays the Tow Truck Driver Certificate
  • Displays number plates at all timesExhibits courteous, respectful, and professional behavior
  • Recognises client’s rights
  • Competent performance and excellence in industry practice
  • Always acts to ensure safety in the workplace
  • Wears protective gear and clothing
  • Ensures and maintains the reliability of truck equipment
  • To protect confidential information obtained at work
  • Will not solicit work

3. Do all your trucks hold a tow truck certificate?

Certain situations do not require a tow truck to be certified, such as driving a flatbed truck with a crane used for scrap metal collection. Therefore our trucks used to transport vehicles for recycling are exempted from certificates. These trucks are never used to carry cars intended for repair.

4. Do you charge for towing services?

Our towing service is free. Once you agree to our price offer, we will pick up your vehicle at your location for no additional charges. This is to cater to your convenient and stress-free experience.